Leaky AC

HELP! My AC is Dripping!

As hot air blows over the evaporator coil condensation forms.  The  moisture drips into a drain pain that leads to the condensate drain  line, that ideally ends up outside your home.  On occasion you may find a drip (or leak) inside.  Let’s explore some reasons why.

More than likely the leak is caused by a clogged condensate drain line, that can become clogged with debris like mold, dust and dirt. You can  attempt to unclog this drain with a shop (wet/dry) vac, but we suggest you call the professionals you trust.

As discussed in an earlier blog (hyper link to air filter blog), it is important to change your air filters every 60 days  to keep your system  clean and running efficiently.  If the filter gets dirty and blocks the air flow it can cause the coil to freeze, and as the coil melts the dripping water can create a leak.

Finally, it is possible your refrigerant is low and creating a mess by freezing up the coil.  If your home comfort system isn’t maintaining a comfortable temperature check the refrigerant levels.  If you hear unusual sounds (bubbling or hissing) it is time to call the professionals you trust to check for a leak.

Evolve has qualified technicians that can evaluate your system, check for leaks and repair them in a timely and efficient manner. Effectively saving you thousands of dollars.

Call the professionals you trust if you suspect a leak in your AC unit.  Evolve Services 702.809.6617.

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