Evaporative Coolers

As a Preferred Provider of (Swamp Cooler) services for Nevada Cooler Pad, Evolve Services is equipped to provide excellent service for your Commercial or Residential Evaporative Cooler.   When evaluating your options to balance out your cooling needs, an Energy-Efficient Evaporative Cooler may be the way to go.  These systems use the power of recirculating water to cool and humidify your indoor air.
Evaporative Coolers on residential roof

Our technicians are ready and able to assist you with evaporative cooling repairs, new system installation or winterizing your existing system to maintain efficiency when the summer heat returns.  It’s important to make sure that these systems stay well-maintained year-round, to maintain their effectiveness during the cooling season.

Evolve Services is your Local Air Conditioning and Heating Company.

We Serve Las Vegas, Henderson & surrounding areas for both Residential and Commercial HVAC Service.

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