Local Fireplace Services in Las Vegas Valley

When we say we service all of your heating and cooling needs, we mean it!  Many houses in the Las Vegas Valley have fireplaces either for the aesthetic or as a source of heat. For those we offer Fireplace Repairs, Fireplace Refacing, Pilot Light Repair, Gas Fireplace Conversions and many other services to help with your fireplace needs.

For those who would like to add a fireplace to your home, we offer a suite of fireplaces that can be retrofitted to suit your lifestyle and fit comfortably in your home.  Schedule an appointment to view your options for Fireplace services.


Proper maintenance of your fireplace is essential to your health and wellbeing.  Our technician will inspect and service your fireplace to ensure proper function.  All fireplace services include:

  • Cleaning the glass
  • Cleaning the inside/outside of the firebox
  • Firebox inspection
  • Full inspection of vent and burner ignition

Keeping your family safe and healthy is our #1 priority!

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We Serve Las Vegas, Henderson & surrounding areas for both Residential and Commercial HVAC Service.

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