Commercial Refrigeration

Evolve Services is your Commercial Refrigeration expert! As the leading provider of Commercial Refrigeration repair services, we recognize that maintenance is key to keeping all of your equipment working like new. We offer custom Service Plans to keep your refrigeration equipment performing as expected.

A local commercial refrigeration experts using his refrigeration repair skills

Evolve Services understands that when your business relies on the performance of your refrigeration equipment, you can’t afford any “down-time”. When you can’t spare the time or lost income from malfunctioning equipment, a Commercial Maintenance Plan is the answer for you! 

We can assess your specific needs for your refrigerators, ice makers, and coolers of all types to customize a maintenance schedule that will keep your equipment performing as you expect it to. In the event of an unforeseen equipment failure, we will prioritize your businesses needs and have you up and running in record time! 

Evolve Services is your Local Air Conditioning and Heating Company.

We Serve Las Vegas, Henderson & surrounding areas for both Residential and Commercial HVAC Service.

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