Chaning AC Filter

Summertime HVAC Maintenance

It’s the middle of summer! Here are a few steps to make sure your home comfort system is running efficiently. 

Lets start with changing the filters, this takes a quick visit from your HVAC professional.  You don’t want dust particles and allergens building up, mucking up the air and slowing down your AC system by restricting air-flow.

Make sure your vents, registers and air grills are not blocked or closed.

You don’t want to restrict the air flow throughout your home.  Make sure that at least 80% of your homes vents are open, if you have unused areas in your home it may be efficient to invest in a zoning system.  Call Evolve Services to take care of this for you.

Check the outdoor unit, make sure that no shrubbery or debris is blocking the unit.  Move any furniture away from the area.

Inspect your system’s drip pan and drain lines for any clogs.  Clogging with mold growth can cause your system to malfunction or cause water damage.  If the water has backed up, call Evolve Services.  We’ll clear the lines and get your system back to proper working order.

Make a plan for the fall, call to schedule a tune up for October or November to make sure your home comfort system is ready for the winter months.

Call the professionals you trust at 702.809.6617 to help with your July home comfort system maintenance.

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